This list is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Hong Kong Phone Number List Keeping it clean, without duplications and incorrect or out-of-date information, is imperative to having an effective email marketing strategy. Hong Kong Phone Number List In addition to weeding out the bad information in your list, you should also be increasing your list so it stays sizable enough to be effective. Here are some tips on how to do some spring cleaning on your email list. Hong Kong Phone Number List Find Your Inactive Subscribers - These are subscribers who have not responded to your email marketing in the past six months. By identifying these individuals, Hong Kong Phone Number List you don't necessarily have to remove them all. First try to make them active again by sending out an email that is specifically targeted to bring them back into the fold. Hong Kong Phone Number List If you have the data stating why they were initially interested in subscribing, send an email with a discount on the product or service. If you don't have that information, Hong Kong Phone Number List try sending out a general discount on all products and services. If there is still no response, then take them off your active list, Hong Kong Phone Number List but keep the information in an archive of past subscribers. Identify Long-Standing Subscribers - New subscribers are usually the most active. Hong Kong Phone Number List By identifying subscribers that are more than a year old, you can reengage them with added benefits for 'loyal' customers. With an additional benefit for long-standing subscribers, you can keep a steady flow Hong Kong Phone Number List of activity for your entire email list while also monitoring purchases and the viability of your email list.